Training methodology

Using a combination of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship training methods, I have developed a training program that addresses each horse and rider's individual talents, personalities and abilities, which allows each horse and rider to reach their full potential.

The training program is designed to give your horse a solid foundation on the ground and under saddle.  I use both ground and riding exercises that are designed to develop the horse emotionally, mentally and physically.  A solid foundation on the ground results in a greater understanding and willingness under saddle and ultimately a more trusting, confident and willing partner in your horse.

When your horse is mentally able and willing 
to follow your lead
 it also has to be physically
able to perform the task asked. 

A stiff and rigid horse can be mentally willing but physically unable.  Suppling exercises are an important part of my training program and will prepare your horse for any discipline and level of riding desired.  No matter what type
of tack you prefer, (english or western), once you ride a soft and supple horse, one that is emotionally prepared, confident and in partnership with you, you'll never settle again for anything less.

Whether you have been riding for years or just starting out, there may be holes in your foundation that are preventing you from getting the trust, respect and leadership you desire with your horse. Problems can arise that are keeping you from going to that next level. 

Such problems can include: 

Other questions I get quite often:

Through an assessment I can identify the holes in your foundation and plan a program that is specifically designed to help you and your horse achieve the relationship and level of performance you are looking for.