Teresa danielson

"Lisette came to the ranch I was boarding at as an intern wanting to learn more about Western Riding. Her Dutch roots had her well versed in Dressage and Jumping but to ride with a slack rein and more leather around her was a goal of hers, and it was fun watching her grow and excel into Western Riding well beyond what most thought she would. She started many horses at the ranch and brought quite a few to the show pen to win against many other trainers who had been in the business for years well beyond hers. 

I have been a dedicated student of hers for 9 years but have known her for about 15. I'm a student who prefers to start and train her own horse, and she was the trainer I selected to guide us from colt starting to advanced work. I bought a 2 year old Purebred Arabian with the potential for reining and cow work; and we've worked together growing my horsemanship skills so that I am now competing successfully in Versatility Ranch Horse against some very good Quarter Horses. I can tell you it hasn't been easy but when you have someone like her in your corner you will find she will have morse confidence in you than you will in yourself.

She's excellent in explaining the mechanics of movement, the rider, and the horse. If you really have the desire to learn, to be challenged, to be more than you thought you or your horse could be, then I would recomend her. Stick with her program and be regular and will be amazed what were you will end up and how much you will learn. It's an amazing journey and I'm looking forward to continued growth even though now my horse is 13; and we still are doing new things in our groundwork (like how about side passing to you from the ground) or now riding canter pirouettes. Not bad for a cow horse!"